What is the Lazy Leo Club?

Lazy Leo Club is the flagship membership NFT for ClubRare. There is a total supply of 10,000 Lazy Leos. With a Lazy Leo, collectors and core contributors of ClubRare Universe can earn exclusive rewards and gain elevated status in the community.

Each Lazy Leo has a unique ability that can be used in the ClubRare Universe.

https://docs.clubrare.xyz/ | https://lazyleoclub.xyz/

The Lazy Leo Lore

Lazy Leos lived in peace on Planet Lazy. They had everything they ever wanted, and never had to lift a paw.

One day, suddenly, Planet Lazy was destroyed by a cosmic collision! The Leos were flung into space, and had to find a new place to live.

When the Leos arrived on Earth, they were astonished at the human lifestyle. So much hard work!

"These humans are constantly breaking a sweat, working hard day and night! They work and work and work, always inventing new things and building a life for themselves!"

It wasn't long before each of the 10,000 Leos made a new human best friend. The Lazy Leos and the Hard-Working Humans lived and learned from each other, and soon began discovering incredible powers...

Algorithmically Unique

Each Lazy Leo has any of 500 traits, including hairstyles, facial expressions, and clothing.

Community Governed

Lazy Leo Club's special powers were voted on by the AGOV community.

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