How To Get a Lazy Leo NFT

The first 10 Lazy Leos were released in August 2021. They were sold on OpenSea in a fair auction.

Lazy Leos #11-#15 were auctioned in November 2021.

Lazy Leos #16-21 were auctioned in December 2021.

94 Leos - Opportunity to mint these Leos will be given to MPWR Initial Liqudity Offering participants.

2,400 Leos - Minted in batches of 100 periodically from 2022 to 2025. These are made available to the community.

7,485 Leos - Airdropped adhoc to the ClubRare community as rewards for contribution and support. Will finish by 2025.

Further issuance is to be announced including an NFT mining program. There's 10,000 to be set free!

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