Special Powers

Lazy Lazy Leo

Power: Make the high bid on an auction that has less than 4 hours remaining, and end the auction immediately. When an auction has less than 4 hours to go, everyone wonders when a Lazy Lazy will strike!

Power reset timer: 6 months.

Drunken Lazy Leo

Power: When bidding on a ClubRare limited-edition product, you may be randomly selected to win the auction early.

Power reset timer: immediately.

Ghost Lazy Leo

Power: Can purchase a ClubRare-issued NFT that has already exceeded the participation limit. If an NFT will only have 20 copies and you missed it, you can claim a 21st copy.

Power reset timer: immediately.

Acrobat Lazy Leo

Power: Can ban 1 other wallet from participating in an auction, and cancel their current bids.

Power reset timer: 3 months.

Future Powers

As more Lazy Leos are released, the ClubRare community will be called upon to vote on new powers!

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