Perks & Rarity

Club Perks

  • Unlocks a special power (see Special Power section)

  • Grants preferential rights when participating in NFT auctions

  • Earn bonus MPWR staking rewards

  • Earn bonus MPWR airdrop rewards

  • Early access to upcoming metaverse platform

  • Exclusive whitelist access to future NFT collections

  • Whitelist access to NFT collections by ClubRare partners

  • Closed auction access for limited-edition NFTs

  • Commercial use rights for the characters and art you own

  • More perks to be added as the ecosystem develops

Rarity Distribution

  • 100 Legendary-tiered Leos

  • 900 Super Rare-tiered Leos

  • 2,500 Rare-tiered Leos

  • 6,500 Common-tiered Leos

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